Laser cutting of sheets with laser cutter TruLaser 3030 manufactured by TRUMPF company 

Cutting parameters:
Maximum sheet dimensions: 1500mm x 3000mm
Cutting thickness:
– construction steel up to 20mm
– stainless steel up to 12mm
– aluminium up to 8mm


Cutting of elements with laser combined with modern control technology enables to achieve:
– very high precision of cut details – 0,10mm
– 100% reproducibility of cut elements
– top quality of edges without the need of additional processing
– arbitrary designed or invented shape
– attractive prices, as the cost for small series production is several times lower that compared to traditional methods
– possibility of cutting galvanized sheets
– maximum use of material (almost zero-waste) due to optimization of details location on the sheet
– the shortest task completion date

Bending on bending press CNC TRUMPF TruBend 5230

Precision and machine control enable to obtain 100% reproducibility of prepared elements. Big warehouse for owned tools enables, where possible, performing various bends in accordance to customers requirements.


Our press is characterized by:
– short time of tools changeover
– 5-axial rear bumper
– cutting length : 4000mm
– pressure of 1800kN

Bending press SafanDarley E-Brake

– Max. pressure: 350 KN
– Max. working length: 1250 mm
– Q-dimension: 590 mm
– Max. stroke of the upper beam: 300 mm
– Release speed of the upper beam:110 mm/sec
– Bending speed of the upper beam: 10 mm/sec
– bending speed of the upper beam with use of the light curtain: 10 mm/sec
– Return speed of the upper beam: 110 mm/sec
– Maximum bumper stroke: 550 mm
– Max. bumper speed: 350 mm/sec

Conventional turning machine TOP-660

– Maximum diameter of the passage over the bed: Ø660mm
– Maximum diameter of the passage over the support: Ø440mm
– Maximum length of milled element: 2500mm

Eccentric press 160 tonnes

– Pressure Q =160T
– Attachment surface of table 100x740mm.
– Stroke 25-160mm

We produce stamps and matrices with design for production of details entrusted for embossing


We offer machining, among others, turning, milling, grinding and CNC machining.


We offer wide range of welding services. We specialize in TIG, MIG welding technologies using the latest machines.
We weld black steel, stainless steel, acid resistant steel.

Preparation of steel constructions

We produce various types of welded steel constructions.
Among the wide range of our products there are: production lines, platforms, landings etc.

We work with SolidWorks programming software We demonstrate competence and professionalism in all services we provide.
Our prices are competitive and we maintain top quality standards.

We kindly invite you to choose our offer.